Spartner Gym of the month Halton BJJ

Spartner Gym of the month Halton BJJ

Every month as the platform grows we want to pick a gym of the month.  This month we have chosen a brand new gym in Widnes.

Halton Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  This club is only a few weeks old so is still getting established but we are hoping with the help of the platform we can help them go to where they want to be.

We have a few set questions for our gym of the month, to find a bit about them and get a bit of feedback, here it is.

Q: How you got into fighting

A: It is always something I’ve been interested in, I had tried a few ‘Traditional Martial Arts’ but I didn’t really find these a good fit for me. I wanted to do something which allowed me to compete and challenged me physically and mentally.  After watching a few of the early UFC’s I liked the look of the ground game and submissions. Even though I didn’t know much about what was going on. From here I remember watching the ADCC’s and then finally taking the step into BJJ and Submission grappling. Now apart from my wife and kids it has completely consumed me.

Q: Do you have a coach

A: Yes, I train under my coach Terrence Yu of Liverpool Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy. He is a multiple IBJJF medallist aswel as being one of the top referees in the country. His knowledge of competition and the different rule sets is great for me and the whole team.

LBJJA is affiliated with Lucio Sergio Dos Santos of Academia Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Lifestyle UK.

Q: What is your dream goal in fighting, what do you want to achieve

A: My competitive goals are fluid and I find them always changing depending on whether I’m training in the Gi or Submission Grappling. I’ve recently just got Silver at the National BJJ Masters in the Gi. I suppose my next goal in that respect is to get Gold, I was close but not close enough on the day.

My main goal is to go to Barcelona in 2020 for the European Masters.

In Submission Grappling, my aim is to keep getting on shows and staying active all year.

Q: How do you plan to get there

A: Listening to my coach and team mates is the first I do. They have the experience and knowledge to enable me to learn from previous fights and they can identify things I should be working on in training that I may have missed.

I’ve also got to be very consistent with my training. Not only training regularly but I have to be consistent with the level of intensity and engagement in the session. Anyone can train 5 times a week but it is the level of intensity and focus in those sessions which will determine whether I can take the next step.  John Danaher says “you’re only as good as your last 150 days of training” So I keep this in mind all year round.

I plan to compete in a few local tournaments early 2020 to gauge my current strengths and weaknesses a little better and to also give me some good competition rounds.

Q: When did you find out about Spartner

A: I came across Spartner through social media around 6 months ago.

I use the site to find people who are looking to train in BJJ and submission grappling, It is a great way of finding people who are close by and wanting to get involved. I use this for my club Halton BJJ as it is a great advertisement for getting our name out there and letting local people know about local clubs.

I have had people from across the country come to train with me through this site. They have spent the weekend up here and found us a place to train.

Q: Has it been helpful

A: It’s been a fantastic help in finding people with similar weights and experiences when looking to match fighters for my Submission only show. ‘Submission Oasis Superfights’ It has also got loads of other sports professionals on such as physios and nutritionists which will help me and others.

Q: Would you suggest others using and why?

A: I’d definitely suggest using Spartner, I’d describe it as a Martial Art’s network. If you need a place to train, or a sparring partner with similar experience, weight then Spartner will defiantly have someone in your area. It’s also a great too for finding nearby clubs, the club profile page has been amazing in getting our name out there and the interest we have had through Spartner users has been great for us.

Halton Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can be contacted through the platform here: Halton BJJ

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