Spartner fighter of the month – Lee Forsythe

Spartner fighter of the month – Lee Forsythe


Images from an undisputed boxing show Lee was on, defending his welterweight belt! Lee boxes again on the 4th April.

Q: How did you get into Fighting?

A: I first got into boxing via a local gym, purely just for fitness hitting the bags and getting a sweat on, 3 years ago, I then fancied have some type of fight so signed up to the UWCB for charity, from that I got the bug started training more and starting boxing on local white collar shows as a hobby.

Q: What kind of training do you do?

A: I do 3 types of training mainly, boxing either pads, bags, sparring I then do a couple of interval sessions on either assault bike, treadmill, or bike following some ideas from Wilson Boxing Science.  Finally just to some S&C sessions, I also ensure good strict active recovery sessions banded stretch, foam roll, sauna.

Q: What is your dream goal in fighting, what do you want to achieve?

A: I do not have any particular goal other than to keep improving and taking on competitive fights I would like to try and go up a weight for another tittle on the shows I fight on, the plan would be keep on learning to box

Q: When did you find out about Spartner?

A: I found out about Spartner via friend made contact and have been sparring regular for 3 years via the site!