Sandee Thailand – Another Big partnership for Spartner.

Sandee Thailand – Another Big partnership for Spartner.

Born in 1977, SANDEE Thailand is one of the oldest and most authentic combat sports brands in the world. Their manufacturing facility is based in Bangkok, Thailand & worldwide distribution is based in the UK.

Spartner are proud to announce a brand new partnership with Sandee. In this partnership we will work together to offer great discounts on excellent quality equipment to Fighters and Gyms on the Spartner platform.

Fighter profiles will receive 10-15% off using discount code (Spartnerfighter).

Gym profiles will receive a massive 25% off, codes only given when account fully setup and items posted to the gym address.

SANDEE’s strength is its product range – authentic and credible for over 35 years and fantastic value for money! Sandee simply has the best quality products as well as a wide range of clothing and accessories for fighters. Endorsed by its tagline ‘Unbreakable since 1977’ Sandee has unrivalled durability as a world leading combat sports brand. Sandee is complemented by its stable of sponsored athletes, such as Jo Calderwood, Daitan Jackson and UFC middleweight star Michael Bisping.

The brand is known for its unrivalled Muay Thai credentials. Although whatever the discipline, SANDEE is the combat sports brand of choice, with a large selection of products from boxing gloves to apparel. Their success as a brand with their core values of honesty, hard work and integrity helps them to deliver an unrivalled service to fighters and Thai boxing enthusiasts world wide.

SANDEE – Unbreakable since 1977

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