Pros and Cons of Sweat Suits for Exercise and Martial Arts

Pros and Cons of Sweat Suits for Exercise and Martial Arts

They say that the sign of a good workout is working up a good sweat, yet for many, sweating when working out or training for a big fight can be hugely beneficial.
Lately, the number of people purchasing sweat suits, also known as sauna suits, has increased dramatically as more and more people out there are discovering the many advantages that these awesome pieces of kit can provide.
Sweat suits, or sauna suits as they are sometimes known, are basically items of clothing which are designed to be worn to replicate the effects of being in a sauna as you train and workout.
Popular amongst fighters and martial artists looking to cut weight, as well as individuals simply looking to detox and sweat their indulgences from the weekend out of their systems, sweat suits provide numerous advantages, though they’re not without their risks.
Here are several pros and cons of sweat suits.
Great for cutting weight
Now, we aren’t about to pull the wool over anybody’s eyes and try to convince you that wearing a sweat suit is the secret to burning fat because it isn’t. Sure, sweat suits can promote slight increases in fat loss through thermogenesis but generally speaking, the weight that you lose when wearing one will be from perspiration.
There are all kinds of reasons people need to cut weight however, especially boxers, MMA fighters, martial artists, or people competing in competitive sports with weight divisions.
Sweat suits cause you to sweat excessively when exercising, meaning that in one hour you could easily drop between 4 and 6 pounds of weight, if not more.
Remove toxins from the body
Another benefit of sweat suits is the fact that they can help you to remove toxins from your body.
When we perspire, harmful toxins and bacteria leave our bodies via our sweat glands, and so the more we perspire, the more toxins we can sweat out.
If you’re looking to detoxify your body, working out while wearing a sweat suit is a great way to get harmful toxins out of your body, along with anything else that shouldn’t be in there.
Improved circulation
When wearing a sweat suit, another very useful benefit to be aware of, is the fact that wearing one could help boost circulation.
This form of heat therapy combined with exercise helps to boost VO2 Max levels, which basically means that it enhances the rate in which your body utilizes oxygen as you exercise. This in turn speeds up your heart rate and boosts circulation which can improve athletic performance.


Increased risk of dehydration

Staying hydrated during exercise is essential for optimal athletic performance, and also for health reasons.

Sweat suits make you perspire excessively, which means that you are losing vital fluids and electrolytes which will need replacing.

Using a sweat suit as instructed is perfectly safe, but excessive use and failing to replace lost fluids could increase your risk of dehydration, which would then put your health in danger.

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