Primary Discipline: Boxing
London, Hackney
  • Town / City: Hackney
  • Stance: Orthodox
  • Total Fights: 0
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I am looking for a boxing sparring partner/partners. I am a beginner with a bit of experience, have sparred with 4 other people about 10 times when I was in Canada last year. I am pretty unfit at the moment. I'm looking to do sparring to improve my boxing skills and I am hoping the boxing will help improve my fitness.

We'd meet in a park and do various learning boxing sparring activities practising attack,defence and straight sparring. I am a sports teacher and have created a sparring activity list we'll be able to use.

You would need gloves, preferably 12oz or more and a gum shield. I have some cones we could use to mark out the area. I would want to box light to medium. I have a knee issue so can't go full out at the moment. I'm happy to box with anyone female or male of any height/weight.

I would be willing to meet in Hackney Downs Park or Clissold Park - I can be available 6.30-8pm Monday-Friday or 2-4pm Saturday/Sunday. I would be willing to meet twice per week.

To start we need to meet and do a trial session. To organise our trial session send me a message telling me the following: 1)The day and time you can make it for a trial 2) Confirm you have gloves and a gum shield 3) State how often you'd like to spar, 4) State your age, height,weight and experience level.

Please only contact me if you are serious about this. I'm looking for someone trustworthy and reliable. Thanks, Paul.