Questions & Answers

  • What does the platform do?

    The platform is for the whole martial arts industry if you’re a keen or competitive martial artist you can fulfil your requirements, by finding everything from sparring partners to physios, Gyms, Coaches and more.

  • How much is a subscription?

    Currently the platform is free to use and has no subscription.

  • Do you have to compete to open an account?

    The platform is for all users, you don’t need to compete to use.

  • Is my information visible to the public?

    The only information visible is the information you want to show, this is explained when you set your profile up.

  • How do I report abuse through Spartner?

    Any abuse can be reported to our contact link, this will be looked into very seriously and anyone found to be abusing the system or users will have their account closed and any other action taken if required.

  • How does Spartner use my information?

    All information collected by Spartner is used for the sole use of Spartner to improve and make the platform better.

  • Does Spartner sell my information to 3rd parties?

    Spartner does not communicate or sell information to 3rd parties, all information is used for the sole purpose to run and improve the platform.

  • Can I open an account if I don’t spar?

    All martial artists at all levels can open an account, you don’t need to spar, everything from finding a gym, coaches and sports professionals we can help you.

Review system

Spartner has a 3 tier review & ratings system, Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Bronze review spartner 1-10 Reviews

Silver review spartner 11-25 Reviews

Gold review spartner 26-50 Reviews

The review systems are identified by the following icons


When you receive a review you are able to share this on your social network.