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    Simon K

    Here is some useful information for New members about Spartner and how the website operates and the features  that the website offers.

    Spartner offers a service for people interested and involved or interested in Martial arts and provides a platform for fighters,Sports Professional, Gymnasiums and Sports Clubs where they can make contact with other like minded people, and exchange information ideas or opinions.
    This platform is for the whole martial arts community, if you’re a keen or competitive martial artist you can fulfil your requirements, by finding everything from sparring partners to physios, Gyms, Coaches and more.

    Register and activate your account

    When you register  with Spartner and create a new account  you will receive an email  with a link to activate your  account.

    Spartner- new account activation email

    When you click the activation button link it will open a  browser page and you will then be logged in to your Spartner account and find yourself on the homepage.If you scroll down the page a little you will see links and information about how to get started.

    You should visit your personal profile page and update your personal information. You can find your profile pages by clicking on the Avatar Icon at the top right hand side of the Screen.


    Profile Information

    In your fighter profile you  can add basic information like your chosen discipline, your basic physical characteristics and your competition records  of matches (wins,draws and losses) and details of your upcoming contests.


    Sports Professionals can add details about their skills and competencies and what services they are able to offer to Spartner Fighter members.

    Gym owners can add information about the the facilities and features available in their gymnasium  and details about the training and  practice sessions that are on offer.

    Updating Your Profile

    One of the first things that you will probably want to do is upload your own avatar image.You can upload any image file with jpg or png format. You can also upload a Cover Image which will be used as the background image of your profile header, but make sure to upload an image that is larger than 1920px wide, and 400px tall for best results.
    Spartner members can also upload their own images to create an image gallery.


    Spartner has a 3 tier review & ratings system, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Members can add a review to any Fighter ,Sports Pro or Gym profile.


    You can find other members in the website directory of Fighters ,Sports Pros, and Gyms and send them  a private message if you wish.
    You can also talk with other Spartner members in the forum  of course! You are encouraged to post a new topic in the chat forum. Introduce yourself and make contact with other Spartner members. Let us all know about your current activities, new skills you hope to master, or how you have been keeping up your skills during the lockdown winter.

    Your Information and Privacy

    You have the ability to control which information in your profile is visible to other site members. If you do not wish your profile details to be visible in the site search and directory of Fighters, Sports professionals, and Gyms, then you  can hide your profile from Spartner search. You will find this profile option in the profile>privacy section. Other members won’t be able to find you if this profile option is enabled.

    Reporting Abuse

    Any abuse can be reported to our contact link, this will be looked into very seriously and anyone found to be abusing the system or users will have their account closed and any other action taken if required.

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