How Spartner works & what can it do for you as a fighter.

How Spartner works & what can it do for you as a fighter.

Hi i’m James the founder of Spartner, i would like to give you a bit more information and background as to why Spartner was made and what it can do for you.  A good while back while competing as an amateur boxer i always found it hard to find sparring especially around my weight which was 60kg.  Most of the other boxers in the gym were heavier, so when sparring it was hard to practice different techniques and this wasn’t too good for my confidence.

Also as i got more serious about my training i started using sports physiotherapists, quite often especially near the end of my amateur career, it took me a while trying different places to find the one which i preferred. As well as this i started improving my nutrition and speaking with Nutritionists for advice and meal plans especially for weight management.

All this i had to do while juggling a day job, searching the internet and asking other people for advice or contacts.  At the time i always wondered why their wasn’t a platform where all this information could be found!

One the things i also found was that a lot of people want to spar and enjoy it, but sometimes don’t have the time to train properly to compete.  Over time i managed to get a good size group together and we would meet up in an available gym most weekends and go through different sparring exercises depending on levels and experience.  This group grown substantially over time and started giving me the push to develop Spartner properly.

My plan was to make a platform, everybody could use from the beginner amateur boxer/martial artist to Professional competitive fighters in Boxing, MMA and other martial arts.

I wanted the platform to fill a big gap in the market where fighters could find :

  • Other fighters for sparring
  • Sports Nutritionists
  • Sports Physiotherapists
  • Gyms to spar or train in
  • Coaches for extra pad work or improving techniques
  • Strength & Condition coaches
  • Sports Psychologist

As well as all these i wanted the platform to cater for all the gyms out there who make and grow the fighters, so the platform covers all disciplines:

  • Boxing
  • MMA
  • Taekwondo
  • Ju Jitsu
  • Kick boxing
  • Thai boxing
  • Karate
  • Kung Fu
  • Thai chi
  • + more

Gyms can make a free listing and be found by all fighters, showing there gym info and listing their facilities.

All this is completely FREE, no small print, just a platform where fighters can improve themselves and become the best they can be.

The only way the platform can grow, to help everyone is by sharing it across friends and social platforms, make your account today and tell the people you think should be on it about it and we can all help build the Spartner community together.

Thank you for checking us out any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

James Jackson